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How to get Netflix for free (Unlimited) 2020.

How to get Netflix for free (Unlimited) 2020.

As we know Netflix provides the best streaming service with a lot of great content like Original show, web series, movies and many more. There are another streaming service provider too but no one can match the growth of Netflix.

To streaming a Netflix service you have subscribes to their plan which costs $8.99 (Basic Plan), $12.99 (Standard Plan) and $15.99 ( Premium Plan) which is enough costly. However, you can stream Netflix without paying any penny and legally.

How to get Netflix for free (Unlimited).

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Use Netflix free trial .

This is a great way to enjoy your favorite video streaming service Netflix for free with at no cost. As they provide a 1 month free trial period to all new users to test out their service before you pay any money to them.

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Using Netflix trial for a month you can enjoy unlimited access to all their content without paying anything. Using Netflix free trial is the simplest way to stream video on Netflix at no cost. For getting a free trial just you need to create an account on Netflix using a credit card, debit card, Paypal account or Netflix gift code to enjoy their service for free. But Don't forget to Cancel Your Free Trails before the date exhaust.

Here how to sign up for Netflix free trial.

Go to, Select on TRY FOR 30 DAYS.

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Choose the plan and click on Continue.

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This will take you to create a account, Click on continue

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Enter Email and Password , Note : use the email you haven’t used before for Netflix.
Click on continue.

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Setup payment options.

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Fill the given field, then select Start Membership.

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Cancel you free trial before it is exhaust.

If you don’t cancel a free trial before the free period over your billing method will charge, so it's important to cancel before the trial over.

Netflix helps us to remind our free trial period cancellation by sending us an email.

Cancel your free trials.

Log in to Your Account, Click on the user icon at the top of the right corner.

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Click on Account from the dropdown.

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Click Cancel Membership.

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Click Finish Cancellation.

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Get Additional free Netflix trial.

You can get an additional free trial from Netflix but this isn’t a guaranteed method. This method work for few users who don’t subscribe to Netflix's plan after completion of a free trial, that means Netflix gives you one more time a free trial for a month again to test their service with unlimited access without any cost.

All you need to do first enjoy a free trial service and cancel before your trial ends, after several months Netflix will send you an email with an additional free trial.

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If you received an email like this just tap on Start Your Free Month and enjoy your favorite shows movies web series and lost again for a free.

Unlimited Netflix Free Trials.

You can use Netflix free trial only once or if you got lucky then after several months you can get an additional free month trial but what to do after that.

This method involves some effort but worthy to watch a Netflix for free. You can sign up for more than one free trial by creating multiple new accounts again and again. For gaining something free instead of a little bit effort is not bad.

To get unlimited Netflix for free create an account for a free trial and cancel it before the plan gets exhausted. Once you complete your free trial, create a new account with different email ID and payment details.

You can use multiple credit cards and debit cards for different billing address or you can pick up a Visa gift card for payment details, just put some money on a visa gift card and use that.

To minimize the number of credit cards You can use Paypal account with the same credit cards or debit cards that you have used for Netflix. Means first sign up with your credit cards or debit card, after that make a new Id and Sign up with your Paypal account.

By following this method you can get Unlimited Netflix free Trials again and again.

Share your Netflix Account with Friends or Family.

We know that using Netflix's basic plan which costs $7.99 per month allows only one person to access the content on a single device and in the standard plan which cost $ per month allows two-person to stream on at the same time as the premium plan allows 4 people.

That means you need to identify someone from your family or friends who is using Netflix's standard and premium plan and request them to share their login details in your device to enjoy a free Netflix.

You can create up to five separate profiles in which each will have their own watch list and recommendation. But unfortunately the all five profiles can be run through only one email id and password you cannot assign a different password for a different profile.

However, that means the owner of Netflix can see exactly what you're watching but don't be afraid you can delete your Netflix history too.

Create a separate profile for each one.

Log into your account, Select your user icon at the top of the right corner.

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Select Manage Profile and click on Add Profile

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Fill the given field and click on Continue.

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Get free Netflix from mobile Carrier

Some of the few mobile carriers offer free Netflix to their customers. If you already using it then take advantage of the offer of free Netflix or if you are willing to buy their one of carriers plan, you can access Netflix for free.


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Here are some us-based mobile carriers which offer free Netflix to their customer are T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

To get free access to Netflix from T-Mobile you should buy one of their plans by adding one more line to it because free Netflix is available only if you have at least two lines.

Already a T-Mobile customer just adds one more line to your plan and enjoy your favorite shows. Eligibility for Netflix On Us Getting a free Netflix from Verizon does not apply to the cellular customer. You have to sign up for Verizon FIOS TV, to get free access to Netflix, which isn’t available with all plans.

Searching for free Netflix, Here how to get Netflix for free unlimited trials with step by step process. A successful and legit way to get Netflix for free.